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3DQR develops virtual and industrial training, maintenance and installation instructions

that can be seen through mobile and hololens. We place our QR-Codes directly onto your machines and their environment 

so that customers get detailed information or complex instruction on operations and processes in the right place.

The deposited AR and/ or VR Visualization can be selected to view details from all angles

and to zoom into a perspective that is not accessible on the real object.

With 3DQR, lack of space for presentation and processes in need of explaination are a thing of the past.

Step into a spectacular customer approach and save time and money by using Augmented Reality

and integrate your customers and event participants by interaction. With the visual technology that we offer,

you can create a world of experience in which entire machines can be changed in colour,  position or in highly complex processes.

With our previous clients we prooved in the past that we can explain complicated topics simply and comprehensibly.

Please let us convince you and don’t hesitate to contact us!