Close cooperation with our customers is important to us. In order to successfully realize your augmented and virtual reality ideas, our experts support you all the way from the idea to its realization.



We offer 5 stages of dedicated expert support.


Strategize with our consulting team and incorporate all the essential ideas and requirements for your AR/VR/MX project.


Gathering of data and files (CAD, VRML, etc.) for conceptualizing the project either with or without our help.

3D Design

Our Team will start with the 3D/UX/UI design by creating custom interactive experiences using AR, VR & XR.


Profit from the way we collaborate with our clients and keep advancing as your project’s needs grow.


Our clients receive VIP assistance from start to finish – helping you implement and integrate your projects.

Solutions for your business

Smart Investment

We build fully-diversified AR environments tailored to our client's needs and goals for education, industry and healthcare.

High-End Support

We offer high-touch and hands-on support for the implementation and integration process.

User Friendly

3DQR enriches and simplifies entire experiences from a flat book to a full 3D learning experience with tablets, smartphones or smartglasses.

3DQR Studio

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Create Your Own​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​AR Visualizations

  • free to test
  • training videos
  • chat & email support


AR, VR & XR Education, Demos & Developer Training

  • Group & Private Training
  • Intensive Courses & Demos
  • Augmented LAB
  • Remote Training Lessons
  • Chat Support & Q&A


Custom hands-on &
​​​​​​​high touch support and solutions

  • Planning & Strategizing
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Hands-On Support
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • 1:1 Implementation

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