5 Stages of Dedicated Expert Support

  • Idea

    Strategize with our consulting team and incorporate all the essential ideas and requirements for your AR/VR/MX project.

  • Concept

    Gathering of data and files (CAD, VRML, etc.) for conceptualizing the project either with or without our help.

  • 3D Design

    Our Team will start with the 3D/UX/UI design by creating custom interactive experiences using AR, VR & XR.

  • Process

    Profit from the way we collaborate with our clients and keep advancing as your project's needs grow.

  • Implementing

    Our clients receive VIP assistance from start to finish - helping you implement and integrate your projects.

Solutions For Your Business

Smart Investment

We build fully-diversified AR environments tailored to our client's needs and goals for education, industry and healthcare.

User Friendly

3DQR enriches and simplifies entire experiences from a flat book to a full 3D learning experience with tablets, smartphones or smartglasses.

High-End Support

We offer high-touch and hands-on support for the implementation and integration process.


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