3DQR is a patent pending
world novelty in AR usability

Finally, creating and viewing Augmented Reality becomes as fast and flexible as using a QR-Code.
Be ready for the world around you to get augmented!


Add 3D annotations right onto any real products

For easiest understanding of even complex systems.


Enhance business cards with multimedia 3D content

Give a personal introduction, dynamically show your latests tweets or present a 3D model of your top product.


Show 3D models of future buildings in their real environment

Present a realistic experience of upcoming building projects right in their estimated place, long before they are built.

Try it out for yourself!

1. Download the "3DQR"-App from the Google Play or the Apple iOS AppStore
2. Scan some of these Demo-Codes with it to see it in action!

  • Android
  • Android

AR was never so easy and flexible before

3DQR is the worldwide only way for unlimited use of any Augmented Reality
content on any real world object inside the same app.
This brings you significant advantages in speed and versatility
of placing your own AR experiences wherever you want.

  • Easiest possible creation

    Place your own 3D augmentations in the real environment in a few seconds – without any prior knowledge.

  • Easiest possible viewing

    Thanks to an unlimited number of markers your customers do not have to struggle through search screens or scroll through channels – scan and everything is ready.

  • 100% correct detection

    No more concern for marker detection problems or false positives – our algorithm detects every AR content instantly and 100% correct.

  • Uniquely slim

    Internet bandwidth is only required when users call up your content consciously – thus 3DQR can also be used without hesitation on the move.

  • Instantly understood

    No boring manuals longer necessary – if your customers know QR codes, they will intuitively use Augmented Reality by 3DQR.

  • Let your customers choose

    Do not force your customers to use a new app – all 3DQR codes work like ordinary QR codes, if you scan them with a traditional QR reader.

Create 3DQR-content for your company now!

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