How Augmented Reality changes education and adds value for bookworms at the Book Fair in Frankfurt


Last week, as every year, the International Book Fair took place in the exhibition halls of Frankfurt. With around 1950 events and 7500 exhibitors from over 100 countries, the Frankfurt Book Fair was once again the meeting place for more than 285,000 publishers, agents, booksellers and other interested bookworms.

In addition to numerous social and cultural events, the focus of this year’s fair was also on the aspect of digitisation. This included the exciting and increasingly popular Augmented Reality technology. For the increasingly demanding “readership”, it is often no longer enough to experience their stories, teaching content and news in pure paper form. They want to experience add-ons that are becoming more and more innovative and exciting.

The demand for applications such as Augmented Reality is therefore not only growing in industrial areas such as the automotive industry or in project planning. AR is also becoming an increasingly popular application in B2C business and for private individuals. But this new technology is not only suitable for the fun factor and for general gimmicks. The education sector is also an area that sees more and more potential in Augmented Reality.

The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce is implementing AR scenes and models in their textbooks. Our company 3DQR was the perfect candidate for such an integration. As a result, we have already carried out numerous projects with the DIHK in recent years and have already equipped over 12 textbooks with exciting and high-quality 3D models. An example of such a 3D model is hideen behind this QR-code…

This should not only make future learning more entertaining, but also make complex workflows, processes and machines which are out of reach more tangible.

With all these promising new business models in the background, our company was also represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair last week. In addition to novel interesting ideas, we were also able to establish promising new contacts for future cooperation at this event.