3DQR is a patent pending
world novelty in Augmented Reality usability

Finally, creating and viewing Augmented Reality becomes as fast and flexible as using a QR-Code.
Be ready for the world around you to get augmented!

Try it out!

3DQR Demo

1. Download the "3DQR"-App from the Google Play or the Apple iOS AppStore
2. Scan some of these Demo-Codes with it to see it in action!

  • More Demo-Codes
  • Dino

    Add 3D annotation right onto any real product


    For easiest understanding of even complex systems


    Enhance business cards with multimedia 3D content


    Show 3D models of future items in their real environment


    Present a realistic experience of upcoming building projects right in their estimated place

    AR was never so easy and flexible before

    3DQR is the worldwide only way for unlimited use of any Augmented Reality
    content on any real world object inside the same app.

    Create 3DQR-content for your company now!

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