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Use of Augmented Reality in Field Service and Maintenance

Use augmented reality to significantly speed up maintenance processes and reduce error rates to almost zero.

Maintenance and Service

Augmented Reality in maintenance and service

The use of 3DQR augmented reality easily makes your processes more efficient. Boost productivity and decrease the time required by visualizing important Data in AR. interactive step by step manuals help workers to execute maintenance tasks quickly and easily, even for inexperienced ones. With intuitively handled sophisticated augmented Reality solution the benefits of AR technologies can be brought to your enterprise.

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AR in industry

"Augmented Reality is not the Future but our present and everybody not taking this step stays in the past."

Digital twin for maintenance in augmented reality

AR Instructions on the machine

Visualize IoT Data with augmented reality

Layout planning for factories

Maintenance applications with a digital Twin on the device

Concept oriented AR-Training on the device


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