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Knowledge Management and Augmented Reality: Effective Vocational Education with 3DQR


Knowledge management plays a crucial role in vocational education. Companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to make their training methods more effective and improve the learning outcomes of trainees. This is where Augmented Reality (AR) comes in – a technology that has the potential to fundamentally change the way knowledge is conveyed and absorbed.

3DQR has developed a solution that uses AR technology to take knowledge management in vocational education to a new level. With the combination of the 3DQR Studio and the In-App Creator, trainers and trainees can create, manage, and connect AR content. This allows for a completely new way of learning and collaborating. In this post, you will learn how 3DQR is already changing knowledge management in vocational education today and what benefits Augmented Reality can offer for your training methods.


The Challenges in Knowledge Management

Traditional knowledge management methods in vocational education often encounter obstacles that slow down the learning process and impair the effectiveness of training units. Some of the most common challenges are:

  1. Fragmented Learning: Often, training takes place on different “islands” – frontal instruction, LMS (Learning Management System), and practical guidance by trainers at the machine. The various learning methods and contents are often not linked, which hampers knowledge transfer.
  2. Inefficient Knowledge Transfer: Trainers often have to explain the same information multiple times, which takes a lot of time and slows down the training process. This can be particularly problematic when there are language barriers or different learning types in a group of trainees.
  3. Lack of Interaction and Motivation: Traditional teaching methods, such as frontal teaching or studying manuals, are often not very interactive and can affect the motivation of trainees.
  4. Difficult Access to Information: Trainees do not always have direct access to the required information or have to wade through extensive documents to find the relevant data.

With Augmented Reality and the 3DQR solution, these challenges in knowledge management can be effectively addressed and overcome.


The Solution from 3DQR

3DQR offers a forward-looking solution with its innovative Augmented Reality technology to overcome the challenges in knowledge management. The combination of 3DQR Studio and In-App Creator results in a seamless integration of various learning methods and content, connecting the “islands” of vocational education.

In vocational education, there are often isolated learning approaches that are separated from each other like islands. These include frontal instruction with a textbook, self-directed learning with an LMS, and practical training directly at the machine with an experienced trainer. By linking the Studio and In-App Creator, 3DQR creates a bridge between these islands and creates a comprehensive learning experience.

Managing Information Overload: 3DQR enables the provision of AR content such as 3D models, videos, images, and checklists directly at the machine or workplace. This reduces the information overload and minimizes distraction from unnecessary information. This way, trainees can focus on the truly relevant content.

Accessibility and Availability: With the web-based 3DQR Studio, content can be easily created, managed, and adjusted. The In-App Creator allows trainees easy access to this content and interaction with it. This creates a flexible and accessible learning system that overcomes the spatial and temporal boundaries of traditional education.

Individual and Self-Directed Learning: The combination of Studio and In-App Creator enables trainers and trainees to access various learning methods and content and connect them. This promotes individual and self-directed learning, where trainees can work at their own pace and better absorb the learning material.

Overcoming Communication Barriers: The AR content from 3DQR can be easily translated into different languages, breaking down language barriers and enabling more effective learning.

By linking the 3DQR Studio and In-App Creator, a new horizon opens up for knowledge management in vocational education, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of training units and provides a sustainable, future-oriented approach.


Use Cases

The technology from 3DQR shows its potential in various application scenarios that optimize vocational education. Below, we present some use cases that illustrate how 3DQR improves knowledge management in training.

Safety Instructions: With 3DQR, safety instructions can be made more interactive and effective by using Augmented Reality and QR codes. The AR content provides a wealth of information and visualizations, such as 3D models of positive and negative examples of work clothes, signs for safety requirements, or markings on the floor. This allows trainees to better understand and internalize all the important safety aspects at the workplace.

Onboarding: 3DQR supports the onboarding of trainees by allowing them to access AR content to clarify open questions and refresh information after the first explanation by the trainer. This way, trainees can work independently and without interruptions on their tasks and deepen their knowledge.

Signal Box Training: The example of signal box training shows how 3DQR combines safety instruction and onboarding. In a training signal box, trainees can get to know the functions of levers, buttons, and procedures in an AR scene while performing the corresponding actions in the real signal box. This method allows for practical learning, where the trainees can better understand the correlations and learn the processes more effectively.

These application examples illustrate how 3DQR optimizes knowledge management in vocational education and provides a holistic approach that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of training units.



3DQR uses Augmented Reality and QR codes to rethink knowledge management in vocational education. The innovative platform allows connecting the different “islands” of training – frontal instruction, LMS, and trainers – into a holistic, interactive learning approach.

The application examples of safety training, onboarding, and signal box training show that 3DQR is capable of tackling the various challenges in knowledge management. The solution offers individually customizable content and allows the trainees to learn at their own pace, while the trainers can better focus on the individual needs of the trainees.

With 3DQR’s Studio and In-App Creator, companies can create and manage their own AR scenes to develop tailor-made solutions for their specific requirements. Overall, 3DQR contributes to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of training units, promoting trainee understanding, and boosting motivation.

Take the next step and discover how Augmented Reality can transform your knowledge management. Learn more about our solutions and request a live demo. Get excited about the possibilities of AR technology and take vocational education in your company to the next level. Navigate to our contact form to connect with one of our experts and start your AR journey with 3DQR!


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