How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry

Last week, the annual worldwide popular motor show IAA took place in Frankfurt am Main. This year, in addition to the new and constantly evolving technology of electric mobility, topics such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality were also very popular. The technologies contribute not only to the fact that classical vehicle components are digitized or even disappear completely. For example, the physical limits of conventional cockpits can already be extended to a virtual level through Augmented Reality. This means that numerous buttons and speedometers become mostly unnecessary and make the driving experience even more comfortable.

But Augmented Reality can also provide significant added value in the manufacturing and servicing of cars. The Fraunhofer Institute presented an example of such a smart solution at its IAA booth. With this innovative AR application, it is possible to virtually detect at an early stage whether and which component is possibly damaged. This development will soon ensure even more economical repairs and even better customer service. In addition, the first practical examples are already available that AR glasses can make everyday work considerably easier for employees in car servicing facilities.

In this promising branch of the automotive industry and in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, our start-up 3DQR also offers extremely promising AR solutions. Equipped with these applications, we and our company were also represented at the IAA on two exhibition days. Among the 810,400 visitors and the 994 exhibitors, numerous guests seemed to be interested in a possible cooperation with 3DQR. With all these positive impressions and the knowledge that the innovative AR technology seems to appeal to users from almost all industries, our team returned to Magdeburg after two days of this automotive marathon. Furthermore, we are excited to see what this changing industry has in store for them in the future.