China is planning to invest 65 billion US-Dollar

According to a report of the international data corporation, China is going to invest up to 65,53 billion US-Dollar by 2023 for AR/VR.

The annual growth rate in the AR/VR sector will increase up to 84,6% between 2018 and 2023. This is higher than the annual growth rate of the global market, which is by 78,3%.

In this forecasted period China will reach the highest expenditures for AR/VR.

Together with the United States, they will make up three-quarters of global spendings for AR/VR. That makes AR/VR the second fastest-growing category, which is expected to exceed the VR-software spending in 2022. 

The rise in demand for AR/VR is especially strong in healthcare, life & sciences, education, entertainment, e-commerce and retail trade sector.