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Augmented Reality Applications in Education and Training

Augmented Reality solutions by 3DQR enable you to capture educational and training content more quickly and efficiently.

Training and Education

Augmented Reality in education and training

With the help of 3DQR augmented reality solutions, you can convey education and training content more quickly and easily. Appealing visualizations of complex processes and interactive learning methods increase the learning progress and motivation of the learners. With the use of augmented reality training, practical experience can already be gained in the theoretical training. AR offers a wide range of new possibilities for visualization and clarification, whether smaller machines or the entire solar system, everything can be illustrated interactively and in a photorealistic way.

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AR in Training and Education

“Augmented Reality is not the Future but our present and everybody not taking this step stays in the past.”

Extend your teaching material digitally with augmented reality

Interactive learning with AR

Practical experiences with augmented reality

Step by step instructions in AR

Interesting and simple displays with augmented reality

More productive learning even at home with augmented reality


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